The Importance of Having a Website as an Artist

Blog post originally from the SymphonicBlog.
Edited by Coldbeat.

There is more to the Internet than just social media websites and apps. Creating and using your own website is an important part of promotion for a musician. Here are six reasons why you need to have a website.

Create a sense of professionalism

A website is a place for you to keep contact information, basic information about your band (name, members, genre), and much more. Essentially, it is a one-stop way for others to know who you are and if they are interested in contacting you. Having a website with all of this information on it shows others that you are serious about your music.

A website is like a resume for your band

You can keep a list of past shows as well as future ones. This along with your contact information turns your website into a virtual resume. This is an important tool for connecting with other musicians and professionals. Networking is a critical part of promotion, and a good virtual resume eases the process.

You can use it to book gigs

Having all of your information in one place can help you get into shows much more easily. You can share you music, your style, and your contact information with owners of restaurants, venues and others in a way that makes it easy for them to book you. It just takes sending one link (to your website) and opportunities will open up.

Multimedia capable

Through a website, you can create links, post videos, music, and pictures, and much more. The ability to incorporate many different kinds of media all in one place is important for providing a way for viewers to quickly and easily get a feel for your band.

You can share all of your social media accounts

This is another important tool for fans and viewers. By visiting your website, a user can access all of your social media accounts, making this an easy way to spread your social media apps and websites. Having all of these links in one place helps your fans to connect with you and can lead to stronger relationships.

They’re free

There are many different website generators available for free. A couple popular ones include Wix and Squarespace. You can take this quiz to see which is best for you. Or if you have a little extra cash, you can pay someone like me (Coldbeat) to help you create one that is completely personalized, ccontact me by clicking here and let's have a chat.

Having your own website is good for promoting, networking, and cost-effective. It will take time and effort, but it will be worth it when you find yourself giving away your website link to fans, professionals, and other musicians.

Claim your Artist Pages!

Blog post originally from the SymphonicBlog.
Edited by Coldbeat.

Have you claimed your page yet? Remember that most retailers offer the option of allowing you to have an artist and/or label page. Remember to claim yours! Below you will find the instructions on how to with each particular retailer.

Beatport Artist Page

Every artist has the possibility of getting an artist page on Beatport. The requirements are basic but very important. First, the photograph MUST BE a professional artist photograph 590×404 JPG and you can also include an artist bio as well. If these two requirements are met, and you have music being sold on Beatport, then you can visit this website to submit your artist picture. The same procedure must be done if you wish to change. Update yours! Click here to download the 'word' file, fill the file and e-mail it back to us at

Google Play

If you’ve chosen to distribute on Google Play through Coldwave Records and its associated brands you can claim your store page for free, saving you the $25 fee for page creation.

* Visit

* Search for your artist page

* See it? Claim it for $0

* Not there? Make sure you’ve opted to distribute on Google Play


Get your Spotify VIP Account Signup here! This is will allow your fans to follow your Official Spotify account.
Verify Arist/Band Account

Get your Spotify Verification Badge for your producer, artist, or band profile by visiting here.

Update Artist Image

To ensure your artist avatar image is up to date on all Spotify platforms (i.e. Desktop, Mobile, iPad) you MUST have a Rovi ID to process.

Please fill out and submit an image update request and upload an image to Rovi via the forms below.

Information before you submit:

– Is your content registered with Rovi? If your artist has an All Music Guide page, this is indication that content is registered with the company. Should you not, please submit this document at
– Images submitted here will take up to two (2) weeks to process.
– If you chose not to update your image, the default image will be your most current AllMusic page image.
– If you do not have an AllMusic/Rovi ID the default image is your most recent album cover.

Should you have any other Rovi related question please contact

For a successful image update please fill out and press submit for the following:

– The Rovi Image Doc and
– Upload a 2048 x 2048 pixel JPEG to the Box folder below.


With iTunes you can place artist images for your artists and even include galleries! This greatly helps the consumer identify better with an artist! Artist Images must be .jpg files, square, 1200 x 1200 pixels, in the RGB color space, and at least 72 DPI. Do not upscale. Only upload images you can legally share worldwide are accepted. To get an artist page done, send over an email to with the picture in the format specified as well as your artist name as it appears on iTunes!

Note: (By uploading images you agree each image is lawful and you have cleared all necessary rights (such as publicity rights, copyrights, and trademarks) for worldwide use by Apple to display them in the iTunes Store and related materials, and deliver them to end users for display in iTunes and related software, in association with artist’s music)

Claiming your Apple Music Profile

1. Click on the “Learn more about Connect for artists” link then on “Get started
2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
3. Click on the “+” sign for adding an artist and search for your artist name
4. Select your role (artist, band member, manager) and fill out the fields. If you don’t have a manager or label, just enter your own information for both.
5. Click “Submit”
6. You will soon receive an email confirmation.

Once your submission is approved you can log back in and start updating your artist profile!


Artist Pages collects artist discography, bio, photos, links to website(s) + social media and related editorial. Artist info is supplied and can be sent to

The Lazy Way To Sell Your Music Online

Blog post originally from MusicClout.

Here's the good news:

These days if you want to sell your music online it is pretty damn easy.

You find a nice music distribution service, upload your songs and BAM… you are worldwide.

Your music is blasted out all over the world in less than an hour.

Here's the real bummer.

This is the point where most every Indie musicians stop. They think “Hey, I just released my music to the world. Break out the Pabst Blue Ribbon and lets party [high faves all around].”

That is the lazy way to sell your music online. It is also the way that results in the same Indie musicians leaving whiny comments on in forums and music blogs. Comments crying about how hard it is to make money with music these days.

Sound like anyone you know? [If not, you do now because I used to be one of them].

The musician who wants to make some money, so that he/she can make more music, knows that distribution is only the start.

Because, hell, any Tom, Dick or Sherry can sell their music online (and does).

The business-minded musician knows the real challenge is getting people to buy your music.

And to get people to buy your music you first need a strategy.

A strategy that:

Understands where to find your ideal fan.
Gets your music in front of them often enough that they fall in love with you.

Lets look at each one closer.

Where to find your ideal fan

You can find fans almost anywhere online these days. Just hop on YouTube and/or Twitter, find a band with music like yours and check out who follows them.

You can go a lot deeper by building out an avatar of your ideal fan but that is a lesson for another day.

Just rubbing elbows with fans who like music like yours is simple first step.

Get Your Music in Front of Your Fans Often

When it comes to frequency, laziness becomes a factor again.

You can do close to nothing (like the PBR partying types). Or you can make the effort to get in front of people more often.

One way to do that is, instead of waiting releasing a 8-12 song album, once a year, why not release a single 8-12 times a year?

Releasing more songs, more often gives you an advantage in the digital age. You get in front of more fans, more often. Putting some distance between yourself and the lazy PBR crew.

If you want to stay in front of your fans, strengthen the bond they have with you and make sales, you can’t afford to be lazy.

Bottom line:

These days if you want to sell your music online it is pretty damn easy.

The real challenge is getting people to buy your music.

To get them to buy, you need to get them to trust you. Putting out music weekly, monthly or bi-monthly builds that trust faster and makes it more likely that they will support you.

Don't be lazy. Figure out how you can release more music more often.

Do you have anything to add? Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

And to discover a strategy I use to build and nurture a supportive fanbase click here to get a FREE copy of my ebook “Sell More Singles” -> You will see exactly how I built my fan base faster, generated more buzz and sold more music by releasing singles.

Get to it!

Guest post: Corey Koehler is an Indie singer-songwriter from Minnesota (you betcha). He shares everything he learns about music marketing with musicians on his blog at

Selectro Vol.2 And Its New 'Savage' Sound

Blog post by Coldbeat

Recently I had the chance to put my eyes (and ears) on a new set of Electro House tracks from some fresh new talents from different places in the globe. 'Selectro Vol.2' came out 4 years after the Vol.1 but it was totally worth the wait.

With a massive support from test-makers DJs and radios all over the world, 'Selectro Vol.2' is a great step forward to the Coldwave Records team, let's see below the release description:

"Coldwave Records goes full force with the massive Electro House 5-track compilation entitled 'Selectro Vol.2'. 4 years after the Vol.1 release, Coldwave strikes with a ultimate crowd-pleaser. Firstly we have 'Machine City' by Andrew Khorolsky, a track with a Techy Electro beat with groovy rhythm and deep sound effects. Second we have 'Our Instincts', collaboration within Charlyfive & Visho, this track combines an emotional breakdown with a drop with a lot of energy, mixing melodic leads, nice synthesizers and a vocal chop. Track number 3, finding its origins in wild tribe fest percussions, 'Savage' has grown into a physical Electro House track, driven by powerful chords and trap-orientated sounds. Fourth in line we have Manuel Trujillo's take on 'Big Dream', originally by Rufhino, a track with a lot of power, excellent bass and EDM sound to boost the dance floor. And last but not least we have 'Level 14' by ToKeL, an explosive track made of powerful basses, drum pads and leading synths. 'Selectro Vol.2' is ready to blow up speakers, the perfect soundtrack for parties, dancefloors and festivals."

It's a great pleasure connect with great artists, from different places and with different styles, 2 of these artists I had the chance of having some further conversation and I had a better insight of their work. I asked them to write some text about them and how they came up with the track 'Savage', track number 3 of this dope compilation. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hardnex and Muuglii, the 2 characters of our latest 'New Music' blog section:

"Italian jack-on-all-spade Hardnex and Russian/Lebanese young genius Muuglii teamed up to offer you the sound that will bang hard this fall: Savage! After meeting up in June 2015, the two creative minds, after spending a few months taming each other's music tastes, the idea of a collaboration came naturally. It’s with a Muuglii's draft that everything started: wild percussions, hard drums, and powerful sounds recalling Rambo's adventures. All that coupled with Hardnex's devotion to tough music constructions and Muuglii's talent for sound design gave, after 70 hours of work this hymn, progressive driven, but also floor-filling with hints of trap music, that make everyone go... Savage! 

Hardnex says:
‘Well, when Daniel (Muuglii) walked to me after a party I was hosting near our campus in June 2015, his first reaction was to ask “Is this dubstep ?” (he has got a slight obsession with dubstep and used to have issues to differentiate genres) talking about a Julian Calor track. He then started to ask me about my mashups and bootlegs and he admitted he was just beginning to use FL Studio. I gave him a few tips and that was it. But in September it appeared that we would be hanging together for a couple of courses, this is when we began to exchange tips and fresh music whenever we could meet! Around October, he showed me his first drafts, and the “Epic Woodsticks” definitely hooked me. During the production, even though he is relatively new to music, I discovered his talent and accuracy for sound design and his great knowledge of musical theory, which was definitely helpful compared to my rough understanding of all this. It is the first Original that I completely finish, and I hardly believe that it has given me an idea about whats after the construction: mixdown, mastering, communication… Such sides of producing I was not familiar with. I am definitely happy with what we both achieved by making and now releasing on Coldwave Records our track Savage, and I truly hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.’

Muuglii says:
‘At the beginning, in October 2015, I created a simple project including a wood hit sample and a kick playing some notes in about 10 minutes. I entitled it “Epic Woodsticks” and sent it to Antonio (Hardnex), a friend of mine I met back in June 2015, to get some pieces of advice. The project has turned into a collaboration after Antonio’s response. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this song to be finished, but the more we met and produced together, the more I could see the final result. Too, we acquired more and more production knowledge throughout the months and that we became familiar with a lot of new things. The sounds we were making became cleaner and tighter, the song's construction also became clearer for us. We were exchanging lots of tips. I really appreciated making this song with Antonio and I think wouldn’t have managed to finish Savage without his valuable help and his incredible motivation ! I really hope that you will enjoy Savage !’

'Savage' by Hardnex and Muuglii was just released, November 11 exclusively on Beatport, and November 25 it will be available everywhere, alongside another 4 Electro House bangers, which you can listen and download from the following link:

I hope you enjoyed the post and the reading as much as I did, once again I have to say that it has been a great pleasure to work with those guys, and now, of course, without further ado, tune in with 'Savage':